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About Jack Docks
Are you the manufacturer?

No, but Jack Docks is a primary retailer for the Patriot dock brand. You will get the best prices of Patriot products with Jack Docks and more options than with other distributors. US Dock and Canopy is the manufacturer of the Patriot brand, which has additional distributors like Home Depot, Wholesale Marine, etc. Patriot has some parts manufactured locally, while others are imported.

Do you sell used products or trade ins?

No. We only have new or discounted items.

How long has Jack Docks been in business?

We have been selling Patriot for over 15 years. We are a family owned and operated small business committed to excellent customer service and quality marine products for the average American. We don’t believe in paying name-brand prices or in cheap products. That’s why our customers are very happy with their Jack Dock.

I will not purchase a dock online without seeing it first!

We understand. It is a big purchase for most people! We are happy to help by sending pictures, referring you to previous customers in your area, and sending samples of certain products. If you would like to try out our dock products, we welcome customers to purchase a frame and if they don’t like it, they can return it new within 30 days for free (customer would need to pay shipping both ways and returns are subject to our return policy)! Online purchasing can be scary these days, but with our great customer reviews and amazing products, you will be happy you chose Jack Docks.

I’m not local. Can you refer me to a previous customer?

Jack Docks has satisfied customers all over the country and the world. Contact us about seeing a dock that might be local to you today!

Is there a dealer near me?

Jack Docks is primarily for purchasing products online with delivery. Our office doesn’t carry inventory, other than our display model. There are Patriot dealers all over the country, however, and we are so confident in our prices that we welcome the price comparison. Contact Patriot here to be directed to the nearest dealer to compare prices with Jack Docks.