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Shipping and Returns
I want to get a dock with my neighbor. Does that save on shipping?

Yes. Purchasing an order with a neighbor is a very popular option. Usually both dock orders can be combined for almost half of the shipping price. We can even split payments into multiple payments as long as the full balance is covered before shipping.


Jack Docks Shipping

All Jack Docks orders have the option of delivery or pick up. With our national shipping program, we ship even the largest dock orders anywhere in the Continental USA. We can ship internationally with customer-arranged shipping as well!

Parcel Shipping:
Shipping of accessory orders or parts orders requiring parcel shipping will be delivered via Federal Express, UPS, Speedy Delivery or US Postal Service. Use the online shipping calculator to determine shipping costs, and Jack Docks determines the best carrier. You can also contact us for a quote. All orders will include tracking confirmation and will not require signatures.

Order Pick-up:
Customers may choose to pick up any order at our warehouse location. Our pick-up location is in Harris, MN and it is free to pick up your order. Many orders can even fit in the back of a pickup truck! Pickups are only available during our regular ours (Monday – Friday, 9am-4:30pm). We offer weekend and after-hours pick-ups on appointment as well!

Freight (LTL) Delivery to Your Doorstep (Residential/Commercial):
All dock, canopy, lift, shore ramp, and aluminum decking orders are shipped on a single 4 x 8-foot pallet via truck from our Harris, MN warehouse. We ship docks, lifts, and canopies across the Continental USA every day for $100.00-$600.00, depending on the destination zip code and delivery weight class. For a shipping estimate, you can add a product to your cart, and enter your delivery address before you purchase the order. Or you can simply contact us! If you live in Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, or abroad, contact us for special shipping arrangements that need to be made.

LTL shipping is much different from standard parcel shipments. Each LTL order will require a consignee to be present for the shipment to sign and unload the order. The pallet comes on either a semi-truck or a box truck, depending on the delivering terminal policies, and the lift gate is not operable due to the size of the pallets. For residential deliveries, the trucker calls ahead of time to schedule a delivery appointment. The customer/consignee would need to be present during the appointment and hand-unload the order from the back of the truck. Each shipment is packaged into smaller parts that weigh less than 50lbs, and there are 20-40 parts each order. The unloading process takes about 10 minutes. For commercial deliveries, no appointment is needed, and the customer can unload the pallet with his forklift.

Each LTL shipment comes with a tracking number with a link to detailed tracking information, including an estimated date of arrival, and carrier contact information. Estimated arrival dates are not exact. Customers are strongly encouraged to make assembly plans only after the shipment is received. Hiring contractors on the estimated shipping date is unwise since many unforeseen delays can occur with LTL shipping. After the order leaves the Jack Docks warehouse, the shipping carrier is the contact for shipping updates. Our customer service team is happy to help with any issues in communication between our customers and the carriers.

Freight (LTL) Delivery to Nearest Terminal:
Freight delivery can be simpler and faster when the delivery is made to the nearest trucking terminal in the Continental USA. Terminal delivery allows our customers to pick up the order with a pickup truck or trailer at a location usually within 15 miles of your home, business or cabin. The nearest truck terminal location depends on the carrier selected, and restrictions apply depending on the terminal policies. Typically, the terminal is more convenient for customers who are in a rush or who live in remote areas since residential delivery requires an available trucker and truck to bring the order from the nearest delivering terminal to your door.

For all Jack Dock pallet shipments, we require the customer to remove the dock from the delivery truck. This means the pallet will be disassembled on the truck trailer and individual components will be removed by the customer. This usually requires just a few minutes. No component weighs over 50 pounds. We recommend using gloves and prearrange help if you think you need it before the delivery. The consignee is to only sign for the shipment if there are no damages. Under most circumstances there are no damages, but the customer must inspect the order before unloading to determine if there are shipping-related damages. In this case, the shipment is denied, and the shipping carrier is responsible for returning the order.

Delivery Coordination:
All pallet orders are issued a Bill of Lading and a Pro number to track the order. Jack Docks will email you this tracking information. Customers can pre-arrange a delivery time with the trucking company to coordinate delivery.
It is important to note the Jack Docks and our delivery truck vendors reserve the right to deny shipment to the residence, cabin or business if the delivery truck cannot access the property (ie. long dirt driveway with overhanging trees). In this case the driver will deliver the pallet order to the nearest terminal for customer pickup or an address nearby that is accessible.
The online shipping calculator can’t be correct!

Dock shipping prices range from $200-$600, and parcel orders are a minimum of $15. If you find that the online shipping calculator seems high, feel free to reach out to us to double check for you.