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About Jack Docks
Are you the manufacturer?
Do you sell used products or trade ins?
How long has Jack Docks been in business?
I will not purchase a dock online without seeing it first!
I’m not local. Can you refer me to a previous customer?
Is there a dealer near me?
Jack Docks FAQ
Can I add on to my dock in the future?
Can I reconfigure my dock to a new orientation in the future?
Can I use a winch or an ATV to move my dock?
How can I make rolling my dock even easier with more wheels?
How deep can the jack supports go?
How do I build my Jack Dock?
How do I secure my decking to my frame?
How do I winterize my dock?
How do the jack supports work?
How long does assembly take?
How strong are the dock frames?
I am on salt water.
I have a river with current or very big waves.
Is assembly difficult?
Is hardware included?
My configuration isn’t one of the standard packages.
My dock cannot rest on the shore, but must be freestanding.
What advantages are there for aluminum decking?
What advantages are there for cedar decking?
What advantages are there for poly decking?
What are the advantages to Jack supports?
What are the advantages to Pipe supports?
What is drop-in decking?
What is the best hassle-free decking?
What is the weight limit on the docks?
What type of hardware is included?
Will aluminum rust?
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How do I return my product?
I received the wrong product.
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Shipping and Returns
I want to get a dock with my neighbor. Does that save on shipping?
The online shipping calculator can’t be correct!
Does Jack Docks have any warranties?
Low Price Guarantee
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Pricing and Billing
Do you have end of the year specials?
Do you offer coupon codes and discounts?
Do I have to pay sales tax?
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