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Welcome to the Jack Docks store! We are passionate about making docking easy. Easy to order, assemble, install, and adjust. Instead of paying a small fortune, you can now have a brand new dock delivered to your door at wholesale pricing. You don't need to deal with dealers anymore who mark up the price and then again for costly installation fees. Instead you can work directly with our manager, a second generation Jack Dock builder, who will pass the savings on to you. Jack is the original owner and engineer of the Jack support, which easily rolls in the water with one or two people, and adjusts from the top of the dock without getting wet.

Our featured dock is a maintenance-free, aluminum truss frame from Patriot Docks with our very own jack supports. Our customers are most pleased with the strength of the frames. They are 12" tall, which is 4" taller than the industry average. This takes the wobble out, and only requires supports every 16 feet, instead of the average 8 foot span. Jack Docks include adjustable aluminum screw jack supports so no more waders and heavy back breaking adjustments throughout the season. Drop-in decking options are western red cedar, reinforced poly or elegant wood grain aluminum decking. Decking that "drops in" allows for a manageable handling of the dock, and is not depended upon for structural integrity since the frame is ultra sturdy on its own. Installation is made easy with rolling dock systems, made with parts that anyone can install. We can ship any size dock all over the world for DIY assembly. For strength, choose Jack Docks; for the price, choose Jack Docks; for a rolling dock that is easy, choose Jack Docks.

We also offer boat lifts and boat canopies. Our Patriot b
oat lifts are screw or electrically operated so you don't have to mess around with broken cables. These boat lifts are easy to operate and affordable. Also we offer an innovative boat canopy frame with heavy duty coated polyester vinyl that you cannot find anywhere else. Make your portable boat cover free-standing or mount it to your boat lift.

Whether you are looking for a new dock, or looking to add convenient parts to your existing dock, you have come to the right place! Jack Docks has everything you need to add dock legs, build dock wheels, add decking, or make your own dock plans with our aluminum frames. Every product is assembled by simple nuts & bolts installation, so you don't need to be a rocket scientist. If you ran into any difficulties, give us a call and experience our top of the line customer service.

For affordable, quality products, and family-owned service, choose Jack Docks!

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