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straight pipe dock Straight Pipe Dock

Pipe Docks combine strength and permanence for a boat dock. These Patriot brand docks are simply shaped and affordable solutions.

Prices Starting At $1,000.00
straight pipe dock Straight Rolling Pipe Dock

Patriot rolling docks are the same docks at Home Depot, for a fraction of the price! Roll out these docks effortlessly for a hassle-free docking experience for you and your boat.

Prices Starting At $1,200.00
patio pipe dock Patio Pipe Dock

Patio docks are boat docks with an extended seating area or L shape. They are stationary boat docks with lightweight modular frames, decking options, and galvanized boat dock pipes by Patriot Docks.

Prices Starting At $1,525.00
patio rolling pipe dock Patio Rolling Pipe Dock

Roll out docks with patios and wheel kits combine functionality and efficiency. With a recreation area on the end of the dock you can enjoy good times. Docks on wheels saves time for even more good times!

Prices Starting At $1,725.00
t-shaped pipe dock T-Shaped Pipe Dock

T-shaped aluminum docks with galvanized dock hardware make for a strong stationary dock with an extra space on the end for recreation.

Prices Starting At $2,075.00
double patio pipe dock Double Patio Pipe Dock

This pipe dock kit includes everything you need for an aluminum dock with pipes and many dock options. The best deal for a pipe dock in the country!

Prices Starting At $2,075.00
double patio roll in pipe dock Double Patio Roll in Pipe Dock

Double patio roll-in Jack Docks are L boat docks that roll. They offer extended dock sections to make an L shape.

Prices Starting At $2,275.00
Rolling T Dock T-Shaped Roll-in Pipe Dock

Patriot docks are versatile! Buy an L shaped dock from Patriot Docks to have a large modular aluminum dock with an L shape.

Prices Starting At $2,275.00