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boat canopy frame Canopy Base

Add a base to the frame of an existing boat lift canopy to make your canopy free-standing.

Price $300.00
vinyl boat canopy 10x24 Vinyl Canopy

Add a thick vinyl canopy to an existing frame.

Prices Starting At $575.00
Free standing canopy Free-Standing Canopy - 10x24

Free-Standing Boat Canopy | Cover Your Boat With Nothing Else!

Jack Dock's Free-standing canopy is a hit for portable boat covers. This boat canopy can go in a dock slip, near a dock, or by itself! This canopy covers boats from damaging elements like wind, rain, and sleet. With our ultra-heavy vinyl canopy and our anti-rust aluminum frame, you will wish you had one last year. Keep your boat safe. Anywhere.


(1) aluminum canopy frame with parts, hardware, and base
(1) vinyl canopy with ball bungees to strap to the frame
(2) boat bumpers that mount to the vertical posts
(4) aluminum vertical support posts (1-1/2 inches ID round by 96 inches tall)
(2) heavy duty plastic wheels (2 foot diameter)
(2) auger assemblies
(2) foot plate assemblies


  • Strong non-corrosive aluminum frame that will hold up under bad weather
  • Auger assemblies to hold the canopy frame to the lake bottom
  • Wheels to easily roll the light-weight canopy cover in place
  • Thick 18 ounce coated vinyl - the thickest canopy on the market
  • Plenty of head space inside the canopy (18 inches to the peak)
  • Replaceable vertical supports for extra clearance
  • Horizontal clearance of 120 inches; vertical clearance of 96" unless replaced by local 1-1/2" schedule 40 pipe

Our Price: $2,300.00
Free standing canopy Free-Standing Canopy

Jack Dock's Free-Standing Canopy covers your boat without the need of a boat lift or dock. This Canopy rolls and anchors to the lake bottom with its own frame base.

Prices Starting At $2,300.00